1. Everyone takes part in the game on thier on risk.
  2. Children under 12 years can play only in the company of adult(s).
  3. There can be 2-7 players playing in the game room.
  4. It is forbidden to play under the effect of alcohol or drugs.
  5. It is forbidden to bring any object that can be dangerous for anyone's health!
  6. It is forbidden to use open flame inside the place and in 10 meters of the entrance!
  7. It is forbidden to use any object that you bring to the room from outside (for example flashlight, phone, etc.)
  8. The Királyok Völgye (Valley of the Kings) is a private area where taking pictures or making video is forbidden.
  9. Please be cautious about the objects in the game area. Any damage done has to be paid by the players!
  10. There are cameras and microphones installed in the gaming area, the games are recorded. Upon any argument these records can be used as evidence.
  1. Before the game the gamemaster informs you about the rules. Any player entering the room accepts these rules. Everyone confirms the acceptance of the rules with their signature.
  2. Anyone violating the rules or ignoring the gamemaster's orders can be banned from the game immediately and bear any consequences of their acts.
  3. Price payback is only possible if the game is not playable because of the Királyok Völgye.
  4. When reserving the game time, please fill in the form with your actual data. If it is impossible to contact the reserver, the reservation can be deleted.
  5. You can pay only with cash on the spot.
  6. The prices are subject to change!
  7. Enjoy the game! :)
Királyok Kincse